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Kinyo: a new region, a new journey

Pokémon training has lost its popularity. The number of people who still adventure with Pokémon has dwindled and now, even the Pokémon League is close to disbanding. There are some, however, who still wish to pursue training in the Kinyo Region. You are of these people. Graduating with your group of friends from the small trainer school in Mahono Town, you now set off on a trainer’s journey to perhaps prove that Pokémon Trainers can still be relevant, after all.

Roleplay Structure

This roleplay follows a chapter-by-chapter structure, using each badge as a checkpoint that each roleplayer needs to achieve. However, within each chapter, roleplayers are free to do whatever they wish, similar to a sandbox.

The aim of the roleplay is to progress through Kinyo, make friends, collect Pokémon, beat the gyms, and maybe eventually become Champion! Your journey is unique, and while the destination is set, how you choose to get there is up to you.

Catching Pokémon

Like a typical Pokémon region, a trainer progresses through towns and cities, as well as various routes where they may find wild Pokémon. However, this roleplay takes a more game-like approach to encounters. Let's look at an example:
#1Pidgey2 - 4CommonTall Grass
#2Pikachu3 - 5UncommonTall Grass
#3Ralts4RareTall Grass
At the end of a post, you may request a Pokémon (e.g. WP [Route 1] x1). Then, I will use a random number generator between 0 - 100 to generate your Pokémon. If the number is within 0 - 60 in this case, the generated Pokémon would be Pidgey. If it were within 61 - 90, it would be Pikachu, and if it were within 91 - 100, it would be Ralts. I also roll to see whether the Pokémon is shiny by generating a number between 0 - 1000. If the number is 1000, it's a shiny encounter. To generate its level, I simply generate 0 - 2 for Pidgey: a 0 means it's Level 2, a 1 means it's Level 3, etc. You may have up to three Pokémon encounters per route, which includes the one Holotch encounter (check the IC post for more information).

Otherwise, the personality of the Pokémon, how you capture it (if you choose to - it's optional!) and how you encounter it are all up to you! There's no limit to how many Pokémon you can catch in total, but you are restricted to one per area. Its moveset is up to you (so long as it can learn it), but I recommend following what moves the Pokémon would normally have for its level. Although the Pokémon is generated randomly, if you really like a Pokémon, or it's important for your personal story reasons, and it's in a particular route, I may make an exception - just be reasonable.

Also, if you're worrying that you might not be able to find one of your favourite Pokémon in the region, let me know in advance so I can fit it into a route, or, better yet, pick it as your starter so you don't have to worry. Kinyo has a lot of different Pokémon though, so hopefully this isn't a problem. Also, if you miss a Pokémon on a route, there's a good chance it'll appear again later on.

Battling other roleplayers, levels, evolving

That's right - there's also a method for battling each other (that's 100% optional). If you're making a joint post with another roleplayer and include a battle, you can make your team on Pokécommunity's Showdown server and battle each other there. It's a pretty simple way of determining who wins a battle, so there's that.

Levels exist in the roleplay, but they're pretty arbitrary. Keep track of them however you like, just be reasonable again (you shouldn't have a Level 20 on Route 1, for instance). The level curve of the overall roleplay is really gradual, so don't feel the pressure to level up your Pokémon either. The same logic applies for evolving Pokémon: if they're at the right level and at the right time, go ahead.

Just a note, if you do use Showdown to battle each other, remember to put the levels of your Pokémon in!

The Kinyo Region

Let's now look at where the roleplay will take place - the Kinyo Region. Kinyo is based off the western area of Honshu, Japan, and is roughly between the Hoenn and Johto regions. You may spot some familiar faces from these regions across your journey!

The journey starts in the western part, and follows a fairly linear path towards the east. You go through towns and cities inspired by real places, including cities such as Hiroshima. The Kinyo Region is home to a variety of climates and Pokémon - I've tried to make each area unique so I hope you all enjoy exploring the region!

Like your standard region, there's also eight badges to collect. TMs can be given out by the Gym Leaders or you can find them on random routes.

Here's a (rushed) map of Kinyo just to give you a general overview of what to expect:

Plot Introduction

Tucked away, Mahono Town is a quiet place, far away from the bustling city-life and energy found in other places of Kinyo. The town rests against a cliff-side, with many spots littered throughout the town to catch a scenic view of the sea to the north.

Despite being secluded, it offers education for aspiring trainers in the Trainer School, wherefrom you have recently graduated.

As a graduation present, Professor Wisteria has given you all your official Trainer License - your right to capture and train Pokémon. After attending your graduation ceremony, the world is your Clamperl! Will you seek out the Gym Leaders and challenge, with the aim of becoming Champion? Will you aim to reignite the passion of training and bonding with Pokémon across Kinyo? Will you travel alone, or with friends? It’s all up to you!

The role of the GM

As the GM, I'll be posting new areas to explore when people are ready, generating Pokémon for roleplayers. I'll also be offering some optional plot elements for people to incorporate into their stories if they desire, such as a villainous team, etc. Please bug me if you have any issues, requests, etc., I'll do my best to help out. I might also participate in the roleplay, but I'll see if I have time.

If you're interested in being a co-GM , I'd be willing to take one extra person on as managing a large-scale roleplay like this can sometimes be exhausting to manage.


1. Follow Pokécommunity's rules and any rules listed in the Roleplay Theatre.

2. Respect other players and their characters. Don't use their characters or anything like that without their consent.

3. Try to post once a week - once every two weeks at most. It's unfair to other roleplayers if you drag the pace of the RP down.

4. The RP has an M rating just to be flexible to how people roleplay (e.g. swearing), but don't veer too far from how a normal Pokémon game would play out.

5. CSS is cool, but don't go overboard with it.

6. Use common sense - should you have a Level 100 Charizard at Route 1? If you're unsure or want advice on something, contact the GM!

7. Once again, just feel free to contact me if anything pops up or you need help/advice/want me to accommodate a story idea you have.

8. Have fun!


Name: Self-explanatory, includes nicknames.
Age: Trainer school in Kinyo finishes at 15-16, so your character should be around that age.


History: How did you get to Mahono Town? Were you born there, did you move from another region, etc.? Do they have friends, rivals (maybe another roleplayer)?

Interests/Aspirations/Motives: Can be anything you want, though just a reminder that the overall plot of the roleplay is reinvigorate the region’s passion for training Pokémon – so think about how your character can achieve that.

Personality: What’s your character like? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What makes them unique?

Partner Pokemon: Any basic Pokémon are allowed, so long as they can evolve twice. You've had this Pokémon throughout your education at the Trainer School. Also avoid having the same starter as someone else, just for variety I guess (unless there's story reasons?)
Nickname: Optional, but can be basically anything.
Moveset: Your Pokémon can have up to four moves they can naturally learn by levelling up until Level 5, since starters start at Level 5. You’re allowed to have one Egg Move as well.

Accepted Characters

1. Potentially open?

2. Willow White AKA Magnificent Magilou

3. Edison Kintobor AKA Godzil

4. Graslan DePétale AKA ElBurrito

5. Kira Wolf AKA Embyr

6. Freya Lundgren AKA Morganatri

7. Flame Moore AKA TheAlmightyBlaziken

8. Arthur Weissmann AKA WizardOfOdd

9. Andy Richter AKA mdebourg101

10. Momo Kuchiki AKA Evily