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You are a 9 year old kid living in the FLORAH region. In this region, you have to wait until you are ten for you to get a pokemon from prof. LARCH. One day, prof. LARCH calls you and asks you for a favor. You go inside his lab and asks if you could give a package to his aid in route 1 (very beginning of Route 1, so you don't need a pokemon, the aid will block the entrance to route 1). After you give it to the aid, prof. LARCH calls you and says to come down quick. You go in the lab and there is a hole in the wall and all of the prof.'s pokemon are gone. He runs through the hole and tells you to wait. Of coarse, you don't wait and run after him, and you see prof. LARCH on the ground with a bloody face. Then you see 3 pokemon, a scyther, a sneasel, and a haunter. They all have armfulls of pokeballs and have hats on with the letter "R" on it. They quickly run away, but drop a pokeball. You pick it up and go back and help the prof. and then he tells you what is going on...

Any good?
Also I kept the tradition of calling the Prof a tree name XD
Pokémon Ice Version

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