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The Thread for my first ever RPG, The Hoenn Expedition! You can only post here if you ARE in in RPG already. That means you CANNOT register for a spot in my RPG here! You DON'T have to, but I'd really appreciate it if you made your own Trainer Card. I don't care which website you get it off of but please try to make one. It gives me an easier outlook on what the Trainer is like.

Pokemon Taken
Treecko by AuraGodLucario
Smeargle by Neiko Star
Hoppip by rafey
Cyndaquil by Epsil
Tauros by 98monkey1
Charmander by Asrai

RPG profiles

Takashi: AuraGodLucario

Yuna: Neiko Star

Lilly: rafey

Snoe: epsil

Hankra: 98monkey1 (ADMIN)

Shannon: Asrai

Neiko Star
1. The Beginning
2. To Oldale!

To get to the Hoenn Expedition, click the link below!

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To get to the Hoenn Expedition, click the link below!
And to access "The Hoenn Expedition OOC Thread", click the link below!