a face in the clouds.

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When Eugen woke up, he quickly grasped his head, feeling some sought of pain. When he gazed back at his hand it revealed a large splatter of blood, oozing down from the top of his head. A man came walking over to Eugen, and with an amazed look upon his face spoke to him.
"Are you alright kid?" his voice sounding gentle, yet concerned.
Eugen strangely, replied "I think so"
"Some guy in a grey tank top came and hit you over the head with a skateboard, took all your stuff and darted."
Eugen spoke as he helped himself off the ground.
"I'll be alright." And without another word, walked off.

You would have to feel for this kid, he just had his stuff stolen after getting hit on the head, now what was lost seems gone. Eugen of course.

highlighting changed to red in further references.

Walking calmly through this unknown town, he was actually panicking on the inside, profoundly to say the least. There was no means of communication, and the recent occurrence left people untrustworthy around these parts. With his bag gone, he had no money, no phone (figure it out yourself), no train ticket, no identity. Eugen was now another face in the clouds. Best place to start as usual, the police department, but after a brief look around and reminder of how strange this place looked, Eugen came to a conclusion, there was no police department.
"F---" he said.
F--- was the best thing to say at the moment, the only thing to say, it gave him some relief even though he knew he was screwed... badly.
"F---, F---, F---!"
Again more relief.

F--- had become a powerful word in modern literature, it bluntly describes everything. In a nutshell, it is beautifully created, but we associate it negatively, unfortunately. During this writing, my pen ran out of ink. Ironically, I was as lost as Eugen, but my solution was in a cupboard in another room.
I should stop now.

We are lonely, they fooled us once again*, we are the loneliest of men. All of your friends are gone. Eugen sat in the corner of a bus stop, ironically not to evade fairs, but to figure out his next stop. For once Eugen wished to reach his mother, but her extension cord didn't reach that far*.

*First reference; See Anthony Green, Dear Child.
* Second reference; See Circa Survive, All of your friends are gone.
Don't forget to read that those
two references are in the wrong order.

Eugen took a quick glance sideways, a map was pinned on the bus stop. His eyes took him to one particular location, the skate park.


For further references, this story contains no chapters.



F - - -
T H A T.

As Eugen translated his thoughts into motion, a 20 dollar note would proceed his way. The duration it to to get to him was no longer then three seconds, he picked it up.
"Oi! Kid!" A stranger saw this, and screamed, knowing it was his money.
One thought crossed Eugen's mind, run. And so he was back to the start, his thoughts into motions. It would take him no longer then ten minutes to reach the skate park, and no longer then half a second to notice it was buried in rubble. No need to think about it, the man probable knocked him out in an act of rebellion, though that man had another thing coming. Without further ado, we present to you, Eugen. A large boy who always wars lone sleeves, built even if it may not seem like it. He crossed over the rubble to only reveal to himself, this place has no end. A sound in the background alerted him the 20 dollar man had not given up.
Eugen darted.

We come to understand the 20
dollar man as his reference, an
average bloke.

But lets not judge a book by it's cover, no matter how ugly
this book is.

F--- that, lets.

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