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Alex Rose
23 Years Old | Male | Bounty Hunter | Fire

Personality: Alex Rose is a man who appears apathetic to many, which isn’t entirely untrue. Alex doesn’t pay much attention to anything that he deems “uninteresting” but is actually a thrill seeker at heart. Alex thrives on the adrenaline rush that comes from being a bounty hunter. Originally from a farming family who live on the outskirts of Fairbell, Alex grew up with a boring monotonous life of constantly planting, ploughing and harvesting wheat – one of the few types of plant easy to grow in the Barren Lands. The only time he felt alive was when he went hunting for food. Now a grown man, Alex’s personality has changed little. He isn’t happy unless he is pursuing a target.

If it weren’t for his strong morals, Alex’s personality could easily have lead him to become an outlaw instead of a bounty hunter. However, despite Alex’s hatred for life as a farmer, growing up on his parents’ farm did instil in him a respect for good, honest work and a desire to punish those who trampled over the work of others. Aside from the adrenaline rush, Alex enjoys his work at a more emotional level as well simply because he is able to achieve justice for those affected badly by outlaws. Even though Alex has striven to develop his mind as well as his body in order to be as good as he can at his job and distance himself from his years as a simple farmer, Alex still feels a connection to his home deep down and will always value hard work.

Alex’s life is his job, which means he isn’t particularly good at social interaction and at times causes him to be downright tactless. He is very competitive, wanting to be the best at what he does and that leads him to be possessive of his targets unless he has agreed to work with another bounty hunter. Even when seeking the same target as another of Janet’s bounty hunters it takes a lot of work to make him agree to cooperate or back down. This can make Alex enemies although some admire his dedication. Over all Alex tries to be a good person, however his dedication to his work is not always a good thing.

Weaponry: Alex primarily makes use of two kinds of firearm (generally not at the same time). His main weapon is a sawed-off Lupara shotgun. This weapon is preferred by Alex since he doesn't have to aim as carefully due to the wider spread of its shots but also because despite this it is still quite easy to conceal below his jacket. The second firearm that Alex carries on his person is a simple revolver, this is preferable for use in an area populated by a lot of civilians since it doesn't have the wide spray of a shotgun. Alex is very proficient with guns and tends to use them before turning to elemental magic.

3 Stock Spells:

  • Elemental Burst - Fire
  • Blink
  • Elemental Shield - Fire

2 Custom Spells:

  • Multiply - Alex creates several illusions of himself or an object. These manifestations do appear to cast shadows but are not physical entities and as such don't have a scent, cannot make a sound and cannot interact with the physical world. Despite these flaws (that Alex is trying desperately to fix) this spell still proves useful in the confusion of battle.
  • Reload - A more specific version of Summon Small Object that only works within an extremely limited range. This spell can move any bullets that are on Alex's person, or that he is touching, directly into the chamber of his weapon. The most minimal amount of contact that this spell requires is for the bullets to at least be stored in a pocket of Alex's. Any further away and the spell will fail.

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