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Here is the first full chapter of my Pokémon fan fiction. When I’ve finished posting the final chapter, I’ll post a revisited version of the full story with the suggestions and recommendations that you all give me.

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

The Crystalia region was a unique region in the Pokémon world. It was the geographic center of the world, located directly north of Mt. Silver between the Kanto and Johto regions. Inexplicably, every single known Pokémon had been, at some point, documented to appear in the Crystalia region; the primary theory behind this being that Crystalia was, in fact, the point of origin for all Pokémon species. It was a rite of passage for trainers to travel to Crystalia to take on each of the eight gym leaders; and for Liam, a trainer from Amythestine Village, it would be a once in a lifetime experience.


Liam’s alarm beeped loudly: 9:00 A.M. Liam tapped the snooze button and began to awaken himself; today would be the day that he would start his journey through the Crystalia region. He needed to be at Professor Mahogany’s Lab by 10:00 to get his starter, which was why he set his alarm early; Liam wasn’t an early-riser by nature. Eventually, Liam got up and got dressed: he put on his favorite pair of blue jeans (a little loose, but not too saggy), his Game Boy T-shirt (his favorite games were Nintendo and Game Freak’s line of Pokémon games, though he had always longed for the real deal), his 1999 Indigo Pokémon League jacket (he remembered a strange event regarding the 1999 Tournament, where one of the trainers’ Charizard wouldn’t listen to orders), his Lucario cap (he had always wanted to train a Lucario), and his deep, navy blue sneakers (they were nearly falling apart; Liam reminded himself to get some new shoes on his journey).
Liam grabbed his custom-made bag (based off of the one carried by the Legendary Trainer, Red) and walked out the door, after giving his mother a peck on the cheek, of course, “I love you, sweetheart!”
“Love you, too, mom,” Liam said, sincerely smiling.
“Stay safe!”
“I will! And I’ll remember to call!”
“Thank you! And don’t forget this!” Liam’s mom handed him a Luxury Ball; Liam had gotten it a few years back for a birthday.
“Thank you, mom.”
And with that, Liam was off to Professor Mahogany’s lab.


Liam had already decided with Professor Mahogany a few weeks ago which Eeveelution he wanted to start with; a Fairy-Type Sylveon. Strategically, Liam thought, a Fairy-Type is a strong starter, having few common weaknesses and even being completely immune to the very powerful Dragon Type. But even with a strong Eeveelution like Sylveon, Liam concerned himself over how things could go with a different starter, like a Jolteon or Leafeon. But then was not the time to worry.
As Liam crested over a hill, he came to Prof. Mahogany’s lab. A sign hung over the front door with eighteen symbols on it; each one corresponding to the eighteen different Pokémon Types. Prof. Mahogany was a Pokémon Professor that focused upon Pokémon evolutions, Types, and how the two could relate in some cases; this was why the starters she gave out to new trainers were Eevees and their known Eeveelutions.
As Liam approached the lab closer, he noticed a thick, black fog inside through one of the windows. When he opened the door, Liam was nearly overwhelmed by the smoky fog. It smelled... old. Anciently old.
“Pidgeot, Defog!” Professor Mahogany shouted from within the lab, and the fog was fiercely blown out of the lab, and into Liam’s face; he hacked and coughed and brushed himself off.
“Experimenting with the Dusk Stone on an Eevee again?” Liam asked, snickering.
“I’ll have you know that I’m this close to evolving a Eevee into a Spiriteon!” Prof. Mahogany retorted, putting up her pointer finger and thumb, indicating how close she thought she was.
“Or a Spookeon!” Liam laughed; Prof. Mahogany hadn’t really decided on a concrete name for the future Ghost-Type Eeveelution.
“Whatever you say,” Prof. Mahogany replied, dusting the soot off of her lab coat.
“Vee!” the Eevee chirped cheerfully. She was covered in a thick layer of the same ash-like substance that was on Prof. Mahogany’s coat.
“So,” said Liam, “where’s the Sylveon I picked out?” He quickly glanced around the lab, but no trace of the Fairy-Type could be found.
“Oh,” Prof. Mahogany replied, “I had forgotten: Sylveon only evolve when an Eevee grows a strong bond with its trainer. So... here you go!” She presented the ash-darkened Eevee to Liam. She smiled and yipped at Liam, “Eevee! Vee!”
“That makes sense,” Liam reasoned, “but she’ll need to be cleaned first.”
“Fair enough,” Prof. Mahogany agreed, “I’ll go take care of that.” She called the Eevee into a Poké Ball and walked into another room.
“Pidgeot,” The bird Pokémon stated.
“Is that so?” Liam asked sarcastically; he wished so much that Pokémon could talk.
Professor Mahogany walked back into the main lab, holding the freshly cleaned Eevee, “One washed Eevee.” Her fur looked extra soft and fluffy.
“Thanks, Prof.”
“No problem.” She carefully put the little brown fluffball on the ground, and handed Liam some Poké Balls; a pink, heart shaped sticker was stuck to one of them.
“These are some empty Poké Balls. You remember how they work, right? Weaken a Pokémon to capture it.”
“I remember, thank you.”
Prof. Mahogany pointed to the Ball with the sticker, “This one belongs to your Eevee. I’d recommend you use it only when absolutely necessary; interaction with your Pokémon is the best way to bond with them.”
“Ve-Vee!” The little Eevee nodded.
“Ok,” Liam said, “let’s go Eevee!”
“Eevee!” Eevee hopped excitedly behind Liam out the door.