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    I have a problem everytime i talk to that sailor guy in the challenge islands he keeps taking me to navel rock even though i have lugia already, he doesnt give me the option to go to outcast island. What shall i do?
    Make other quests to get more tickets. If you got all 4 tickets, you can go any island you want.
    i should have also asked are pokemon able to evole that are ment to be traded with a stone ect like syther
    Scyther need a Sun Stone to evolve, I think.
    Can you give me hints on to where to find Raikou and Suicune?
    I've found Entei... but I have no idea where the other two are
    SUicune: Cave, Rock Climb, Sea Route (I think I tell another one)
    Raikou in a grey cave.

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