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    Here's 5 the team I'll be using and their roles:

    Charizard - Mixed Sweeper

    Golem - Physical Sweeper/Physical Sponge

    Gengar - Drainer/Annoyer

    Lapras - Tank/Special Sweeper

    Arcanine - Physical Sweeper

    I'm torn between using Jolteon or Vaporeon. Jolteon would increase the speed of my team, whilst Vaporeon would increase the defense. Both can raise evasion.

    My Lapras is going to know thunder/thunderbolt (depending on which one of these I choose), so I'm not so worried about having an electric type on my team.

    The move set that the baton passer would be the following:

    Thunder Bolt
    Baton Pass
    Double Team

    Hydro Pump
    Acid Armour
    Baton Pass
    Double Team

    So which does my team need more, in terms of stats? More speed or more defence against physical attacks?