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OMG, gurl!!! Great mons, I love their balls! Did I mention I have a shiny Virizion tooth? (see that sweet-ness pun? :D)

Here are my recent Dream Radar and Dream World mons:

Slowpoke ♀ (lvl 40)

Nature: Quiet || Ability: Regenerator || OT: Estelle (2)
IVs: 31/0/31/31/31/0
Headbutt|Water Pulse|Zen Headbutt|Slack Off

Porygon (lvl 40)

Nature: Quiet || Ability: Analytic || OT: Estelle (2)
IVs: 31/1/31/31/31/0
Magnet Rise|Signal Beam|Recycle|Discharge

Tyrogue ♂ (lvl 10)

Nature: Adamant || Ability: Vital Spirit || OT: Estelle (2)
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Mach Punch|Helping Hand|Fake Out|Foresight

Gible ♀ (lvl 10)

Nature: Adamant || Ability: Rough Skin || OT: Estelle (2)
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Tackle|Sand-Attack|Dragon Rage|***

It races through narrow caves, using its sharp claws to catch prey. The skin on its face is harder than a rock.

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