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BC has been boring lately so I've been working on getting the PC League started. People have been saying that there isn't enough happening here (despite Community Day occurring a few days ago), but that's understandable. I'm hoping that PC League will give people a reason to stay here without BC having to resort to specializing in a certain type of metagame.

Anyway, I changed some things:

- the league will be split up into teams of 7 pc members
- each team will have a pokemon mascot which is decided by the teams
- each season is focused on a metagame, every battle done in this season must follow that metagame's rules
- the season begins: the goal is for each member of a team to beat the other teams' members in a "best of three" match
- each match that a member wins gives their team 10 points. the team loses 10 points if a member loses in a match.
- once everyone has battled each other, the top four teams that have the best scores will enter the playoffs (but we'll only have around two teams for the first few seasons)
- the playoffs will either be single elimination or round robin (probably the latter)
- the tournament match ups are organized by however many points each member has earned for their team (i.e. the best player of each team will battle each other, and so on)
- winning a playoffs team match grants the team 150 points.
- the season ends once the tournament does; the winner is the team with the most points
- next season begins with a different metagame theme, rinse and repeat
- between seasons there can be sign ups for more teams

I added a point system because I realized that regardless of how many matches a team wins, they will be in the tournament. The playoffs include the top four teams, and the first part of the season doesn't matter if all teams will be in the playoffs anyway.