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so p much when I realised THE SERVER sounded like THE MAFIA I thought, wow, because Anti was on server last night then I thought of DIP, which never really kicked off last time it was tried because people didn't care. While that's an Other Trivia thing, it can be implemented into Events & Groups. It could be a league or a tourney, but basically everyone would have a country they compete for. They could team up with other users, secretly, so their wins count towards the other person's wins, in alliances. You want lots of alliances to be able to win prizes in it, which include soldiers etc, which can be like you choose from a certain amount of Pokemon at first, then more get unlocked as you get them and get alliances and put your points tally up. Ultimately the person with the most of the other people's Pokemon win (which means the most battling wins!) y/n anyone interested?

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