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Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
Weeeeeell. Did a teeny bit of asking around and there's a couple of people who's down for a tourney during Community Night. Setting one up for the day won't hurt. Christmas-themed seems to be a winner too.
I'll go ahead and add it to the Community Day's thread then. I'll include VGC '13 as an additional option (might as well).

Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
Uhhm. Actually, what little battling we do doesn't actually have tiers. It's usually offbeat stuff (that Christmas monocolor would fit there) and VGC.
Makes sense. Community Day generally has themes like that, since it's a very casual and laid-back event.

What would work is if you manage to get some of the sim battlers who have carts to give wifi tournaments a go when they're up. More activity in a tourney invites more interest. There's a respectable number of RNGers in TC who does free projects.
Maybe. There are a few members here that might be interested, but I think most people would prefer battle simulators if there isn't a big reason to use Wi-Fi like Nica said (for example, PS lacks double, triple, and rotation battles at the moment). People usually use one or the other, but not both.

Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Oh I meant it's easy to play 5 battles at once but not win 5 battles at once, since you mentioned people playing more than one battle at once, and it'd eliminate the unfairness factor if it only counted towards wins (alternatively if you made it just one battle at once!)
Winning the most battles to win the tournament might work. However, I'm afraid that it'll be too competitive, since "win as much as possible before the time runs out" is a bit intense lol.

Originally Posted by .MiKeY View Post
Prizes don't seem all that worth it anymore with PokeSav/Pokecheck around as nobody except breeders care about the legitness of their Pokemon. I haven't a clue on what you could do otherwise though, maybe an Emblem or something, but that's really the only prize like options I can think of.
We have Community Emblems that apply to most successful competitions. Of course, there's also emblems that can be made specifically for an event. Unfortunately, there isn't much else to offer.