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    MISSION: Bathroom Attendant || ICON: Bringin' home the Bacon || EARNED: $0
    She sniffed as she brushed her snout over her shoulder, scratching her nose on the fur trim. Her eyes were down as she picked at a stray thread on the towel that draped over her arm. She leaned her shoulder to the wall with her hip cocked out and a leg bent. Her long, winding tail laid out lazily on the floor as a neglectful tripping hazard, right in front of the door. Her long lizard toes each tapped against the tile floor, one after the other, just to give themselves something to do. She blinked a couple times as an eyelash fell in.

    Under the distant smooth jazz playing from a couple speakers on the ceiling, strange sounds echoed out from the two occupied bathroom stalls. With one eye shut and watering from a stray lash, the Salazzle narrowed her other eye as she heard the hard clop of hooves repositioning themselves, a dry and flaky sort of scratching sound, and a few self-confirming grunts of several different implications. The Salazzle tried to tune out as soon as the first sounds of disturbed water reached her ear.

    Seriously, what the hell kind of job is this even? Like…? Daiquiri thought to herself as she began rubbing her irritated eye, snorting. The freak am I getting paid to listen to a deuce, like, I’m dying. Daiquiri volunteered to take the bathroom attendant position for the time being. She didn’t think much of it, she just didn’t want to be stuck training the silent orange squid when she herself hardly had time to exercise proper fine dining the Finer Things way. Alternatively, she didn’t want to try and chat it up with too many pushy preppy types at the auction. She figured the bathroom was going to at least give her time to collect herself before she had to go out there and rub elbows with all these elites. Unless the customers were going to get the occasional overripe fruit or undercooked meat that slipped out from under Lombardi’s hawkish glare, she figured she’d not have any more than the two already in the bathroom for now. Besides, for the ladies room, Don’t step up in here lookin’ busted and ya ain't finna powder a nose, she earlier figured.

    Now, Daiquiri glanced over her shoulder with her good eye to make sure the pointed bugle beak of Carmine wasn’t poised for her neck. When he of course wasn’t there - or anyone else for that matter - she hurriedly stepped over to the sink and turned on the faucet as high as she could. Not only did it help to block out the other noses, but letting the cool water jet in her slender hand, she bullishly splashed what she could into her eye. She blinked a couple of times after, her eye still stinging. As Daiquiri looked up into the wall-length mirror, she saw her neon green under-eyeshadow smudged over her squinted eye. That eye began to take a more irritated red color, which made her groan out peeved. Looking the rest of herself over, she found water had dribbled down her chin and heavily soaked part of the front of her coat. Very quickly, she took the towel that was on her arm and tried to pat dry some of the dampness off of her, only to find that she had gotten some heavy spray on part of the towel too. And on the counter. And the mirror. And the floor.

    “This blows,” She mumbled. Taking the towel to the mirror, she wiped off the water, only to leave a big green smudge. She had dabbed her face with the towel and it left a mark.

    “Fff-” Daiquiri wiped it again with another side of the towel. The smudge just got bigger.

    “Oh my gee, get bent” She hissed aloud. Deciding to take more measures into her hands even more, she reached for the liquid soap among the many bottles she had to put up on the counter from the bathroom attendant toiletries bag. She squirted a generous amount onto the towel, and as she began to rub the soaked towel of the green, she heard the bathroom stalls open. Startled, she whipped around, knocking the bottle of soap down where the loose cap fell off and it began to drain into the basin with the still high-pressured rushing water.

    Standing there in the mess, wide-eyed as her dreadlock pompadour wig slid off-center of her head from her own torque, dripping and soapy towel in her hands, she cleared her throat.

    “Uh… Hey, what’s up?” Daiquiri tried to crack a smile as tears streamed down her burning eye. Her foreign accent was remarkably strange with inflections of the city and distant places. “I… got the soap runnin’ for y’all?” She pointed to the insatiable mountain of suds now consuming the sink. “Dip your hands in? Hooves? I can also... spray your stall? If ya'll need it. I don’t even -

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