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    After having a look at what Jean-Georges had produced, the butler sighed a long breath. “Your talents are wasted here, my friend,” he muttered. If Finer Things hadn’t such a full evening in front of them, he would have recommended Jean-Georges puts this skill to use redesigning the logo or decorating the menus. Perhaps another time.

    Cadbury lifted his eyes from the splendid drawing to the slow-witted cephalopod. “I’m afraid we’re not communicating effectively, Jean-Georges.” He already knew the Octillery was mute, but he hadn’t known until now just how poorly he understood spoken language, as well.

    He hated to “dumb things down” for anyone, as it insulted their intelligence as well as his own, not to mention it looked somewhat unprofessional… But he’d have to make the sacrifice.

    “Rather, I don’t think you’re understanding me.” Cadbury tried his best to give Jean-Georges a patient look, though he wasn’t really feeling similar. “I am teaching you how to be a waiter. You have seen the others and I being a waiter, yes?” He gestured to a table that actually had some customers sitting in it. “We ask the customers what food and drink they want, and we write it down on paper.”

    He had an internal moment of doubt. How can he possibly do this if he can neither speak nor understand? Neither ask for, nor parse the orders? How will he even know what the customers are ordering? Did Carmine seriously not consider this? Why must I be put up to impossible tasks?

    “That’s what I want you to do. It’s fine if you draw what food they want instead of write it down, but you still need draw what they ask for on paper. Do you think you can try that?”

    When the Octillery seemed to understand all that, Cadbury cast his gaze across the Dining Room, settling on a Wurmple sitting by himself. “Let me show you what to do,” he said, taking a tentacle in his claws and leading Jean-Georges to a table near the patio.

    “Good evening, sir,” Cadbury said in introduction to the Wurmple in his fancy feathered band. The Linoone held his lapel in the paw unoccupied by tentacle-suckers, pulling up his posture. “I hope you’re having a pleasant evening. My quiet co-worker here is in training to be a waiter, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to help him practice? I’d like to show him how it’s done, while accounting for his language barrier. All you’d really need to do is order a dish and exercise some patience.”

    Lots of patience.


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