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"All of the starting prices are fair," the bird allayed, "you will find that the people are keen on keeping the bids within reason. You should have no trouble picking out -"

Carmine squirmed as he felt a bristling on his legs. Looking down from his conversation, he discovered a set of polished claws between his feet. Instinctual surprise caused the Trumbeak to jump on top of the host stand and awkwardly close in on Delmonico's face. Carmine cleared his throat and tried to politely chuckle. "Yes, yes - you will find no trouble finding something - enjoy yourself until the showtime, yes."

Plastered with irritation, he craned his neck behind him to catch the tail end of a request for a stapler from his Rushing and Jet employees. He blinked away his more offensive thoughts and took a deep breath through his nostrils. "I keep a few of the office things underneath the bar - check there, maybe paper clips or what you need - do not bother the owner."

An inkling of intrigue struck the bird once he noticed all the special menus in the badger's hand. "Oh?" he vocalized, "you getting many of the requests for menus? Good news; let me know if anything sells very well."
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