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    Well, I wouldn't exactly call it "Small". You see, DJDSDSTORT and I were rather upset with the new generation's Pokemon and sought a rather bold (Or stupid) attempt to bring back the older glories in this game. We are, by no means, professionals, which is why we need your help. Our spriting, however, is rather. . . Terrible, to say the least. For example, our overworld sprites teeter on the edge of bland and don't exactly match up with the older sprites (Such as those from HeartGold/SoulSiver and Platinum), which is a problem since we are also incorporating characters from the older games.

    Sorry to jump on you like this, but we were rather troubled by this. If you like, we can (And probably should, either way) give you what little sprites we have. Beyond that, I should try and keep quiet, seeing as DSTORT has a much smaller and more careful mouth than mine.
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