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Originally Posted by Kylie-chan
There's an idiot going around screwing up PC. His/her name is Todoroki. He took away the CP powers from the staff so we can't ban him. He changed the colours of the AAs and the SAs. He took away the DCC briefly. And he's showed you all the mod lounge.

It's sick and it's disgusting and he's a total jerk. I advise you all to protest and annoy him as best you can because we've got to drive him out of the forum. If we don't do something, whatever we can without the Admin CP, he's just going to ruin the forum bit by bit until it totally crumbles.

This really sucks and I ask you all to take us seriously, because this is real. 100% real. ._.;
I can't believe this...

I already started sending him PMs with coarse language...
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