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    Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
    What are opinions on using Cell Battery on pokemon? Does it negate the attack or justs ups attack?
    From the bible of Competitive Pokemon Battles:
    Originally Posted by Smogon

    Raises the holder's Attack stat by one stage when it is hit by an Electric-type move. The item is consumed after use. It does not grant immunity to Electric-type moves. If held by a Pokemon with Volt Absorb or Lightningrod, the ability will activate first if an Electric-type move is used, so the item's effect will not activate, unless the holder's ability is changed.

    Competitive Use

    Cell Battery is a pretty poor choice, all things considered. It's a one-time use item, which is annoying, and the boost it provides is removed on switching out. You can get the exact same boost with Choice Band, but without an activation cost, or if you don't like being unable to switch moves you can always opt for Life Orb. Simply put, Cell Battery will almost never be as useful as most other, more common competitive items.