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    "Follow the Leader"

    Well, I've passed about the Gligar now. I still think highly of it; when I first found it I like went crazy. :P It's odd how it's name is alot like Gengar's. I almost thought there was some sort of relation.

    I come up with a saying when I was SHing one morning, waiting for Mom. She has always said, "A watched pot never boils".
    So I came up with...

    "Searched Shinies Never Show"

    Which is partly true, but has been proven wrong by a few members here, but hey, a watched pot will eventually boil.
    But the story remains the same with me: 0 Shinies found. Although...

    DDD's Report:

    Actually I'm not sure what I'm doing right now. Last time I checked I had the Aipom+parasect thing going on, but with my Dragonite, I also had 3 more Meowths for Pickup to get Rare Candies for my Dragonite (who's at Lv. 93 now. I got like, 3 Rare Candies in a row once from Aipom). I'm just going through grass everywhere and fishing every once in a while.

    Stalemate. haven't SR'd for Snorlax since last time we met. (Dunno; they say that in the games)

    On Hold, hatching Cacneas.

    On Hold, restarted game.

    Here's where the sun really shines. I've played it all evening, and just got out of Aqua Hideout. I SR'd for Electrode (I now have 2 Master Balls on Emerald; 1 imported from FR, the other from the Hideout), but no results. So I just beat them, got the Ball, made quick work of the rest of the goons, and got out, and saved. My team on there is very good now, although it does have some holes. Swampert, Machamp, Alakazam, Magneton, Swellow, and Vulpix that will be Ninetails ASA I get a Fire Stone. It's good, with Flamethrower (I should know since I trained Ghost), but it can't take alot of heat itself.

    Something interesting inside the Magma Hideout... The Geodudes... They were like, half-Shiny, half-Normal. Kinda orange looking, but not enough to be Shiny (no stars either), but they didn't match the Normal sprite either. Maybe it's just me.... but for anyone who wants a Shiny Torkoal, Geodude or Graveler.. and has Emerald... that there's the place to go. (The Torkoal got on my nerves actually).
    I'm feeling very lucky in this game. Mainly because I have such a strong team (I have bonded with them) and it's a new game file. Which means many more possibilities. Will I be able to put another notch into that huge drought? Shiny Ninetails just dampened the dust.
    They'll pop-up when you least expect it. Just like with that Shroomish that one guy found (I just wish I had had a similar encounter). And when one does, I'll be ready. On Emerald, I have never been so prepared in my life in a Pokemon game. I have stocked up on 'Balls, I have those two Master Balls, I have like 50 Full Heals I bought, and ALOT of Hyper Potions, Super Potions... Wheeee!!!

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