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Oh geez, look what I made.....
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    Hiya guys! I haven't posted new art I'll do it now! My deviantart is IkitsumiDaminito if you feel like browsing the gallery.

    PalletShipping artwork.

    Desktop screenshot of my LunareclipseShipping.

    My Pearl Version E4 Team.

    My FutabaShipping (TwinleafShipping) art. comes the HaganeShipping because I've been doing a lot of that........ ^///^; Don't flame please!! It's my OTP...

    "Roark's Confession"Um...mature-rated for the suggestive language, that's really about it.

    "Riley and Roark embrace-fanfic end. I meant for this to be the end of a fanfic, but it's going to be a bit different...

    RileyxRoark: Childhood Friends I need to work on backgrounds...badly.

    Ernoma's Birthday Gift This was a birthday drawing for my partner-in-crime, Ernoma, who's also a HaganeShipper.

    "No son of mine is gay!!" I meant for only the big Riley and Roark to be in there, but Byron, Lucario, Rampardos, Ernoma, and I somehow wormed our way there. ^^;
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