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    This will be my form, hopefully it gets accepted!


    Name: Nathaniel
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Somewhat tall in height and slim postured. Dons a white wig (somewhat similar to how Brendan's one was from Sapphire?). While having blue eyes, his outfit tells a somewhat different tale. He dons a checkered plaid shirt, with unfolded sleeves. He has a metal bracelet on his right arm, perhaps there for sentimental reasons. Simple grey jeans adorn his bottom, with black sports sneakers to complete the somewhat messy look.

    Origin: Hoenn

    A straightforward and honest person. Nathaniel may seem like an individual who does not hold back when talking. This manner of conversation may seem rude. Despite so, what he says is often the stark truth and is hard to challenge.

    It is his honest demeanour that makes him hard to get friendly to. He may comes across as somewhat a bit of a jerk, even if he attempts to justify his actions later on. He often does not mind performing negative misdeeds if it can benefit himself.

    Before landing in Ignea, Nathaniel had always been something of an 'impopular' guy due to his outright manner of talking. This has made him somewhat a bit despising of being a 'good Samaritan', as he prefers to do things in ways that will benefit him the most. Of course being a person like that would downgrade his image in public, but he seemed to be aloof of this fact.

    His past was somewhat a mystery to him, as he was found crying in the orphanage's doorstep as a baby. Till today he did not know who his parents were. Perhaps the lack of parental love has made him a bit of a runt in today's society.

    He finds comfort in Pokemon with somewhat emotionless traits. Robotic ones. Ancient ones. They seem to appeal to him the most, and he himself could not explain why.

    Being a Pokemon Trainer made Nathaniel realize there were ways to make quick bucks. Defeating Trainers can earn you some money; often the rich kids give a huge sum of money even though they use fairly weak Pokemon. Some might call this bullying, but to Nathaniel, it was nothing more than just a hobby to partake into. After all it's not like they were forced to battle him anyway.

    A region that can grant him wishes? This perked his interest enough. The monotony of Pokemon battles was getting to him. He may be able to look for a higher source of income over there. Although deep inside, he knew, what exactly he wanted the most, was to see his non-existent parents...

    With a step in the bus, it was probably going to be a journey to remember for him. The thought that others will probably join in for the wish worried him. Perhaps he may have to take some measures to prevent such cases.


    Name: Elektro(This will be his main Pokemon for most of his journey)
    Species: Magneton
    Gender: Genderless
    Move Set:
    Flash Cannon
    Magnet Rise

    Name: Dexter
    Species: Porygon2
    Gender: Genderless
    Move Set:
    Magic Coat
    Magnet Rise
    Tri Attack

    Name: Enigma
    Species: Claydol
    Gender: Genderless
    Move Set:
    Trick Room

    Name: Motor
    Species: Rotom
    Gender: Genderless
    Move Set:
    Confuse Ray
    Thunder Wave

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