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    Update on my Ultimate Ground Monotype challenge through FireRed, this will be pretty short.

    -Trained Rhyhorn from 25 to 46, evolved into Rhydon.
    -Cleared routes 15, 14, 13 and the southern half of route 12.
    -Got Surf and Strength
    -Challenged Koga, besides the fact half of his gym is in fact Psychic and he throws Toxic around a lot, the battle went smoothly. It was quite an intoxicating battle.


    Nickname: Kingpin
    Level: 49
    Ability: Poison Point
    Nature: Jolly
    Moves: Shadow Ball, Peck, Thrash, Ice Beam.

    Nickname: Doug
    Level: 49
    Ability: Arena Trap
    Nature: Sassy
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Rock Tomb, Dig, Magnitude, Slash.

    Nickname: Cynthia
    Level: 48
    Ability: Rock Head
    Nature: Impish
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Bonemerang, Thrash.

    Nickname: Riley
    Level: 48
    Ability: Rock Head
    Nature: Serious
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Rock Slide, Take Down, Dig, Iron Tail.