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    Ultimate Bug Mono: Pokemon X Update

    went onwards through reflecting cave
    half an hour on route 12 later Caught Dikcpinch the Pinsir (game wont let you call it dickpinch :/ )
    Beat Calem at Tower of Mastery dwebble took down meowstic butterfree used the sleep + chip strategy on braixen and Vivillon took down absol with struggle bug 2HKO
    Trained Pinsir at the gym
    VS Korrina
    ouch this was tough, the gym itself was easy enough but she covers her types well
    Meinfoo was first and shield dust avoided a flinch from fake out to 2HKO with psybeam followed by draining kiss, stayed in on machoke and vivillon hit it with psybeam which did about half and then rock tomb. butterfree put it to sleep and hit psybeam forcing a potion then hitting another psybeam it got BS 2 turn sleep and rock tomb.
    so it was back to the grant strategy of Whirlipede tanking, it worked again and after a few poison tails Machoke was down.
    i hoped dwebble would do SOMETHING to hawlucha but even rock slide did barely a third while Power up Punch followed by flying press finished me. i thought i was toast cuz flying press is fighting AND flying type but turns out that it was still not very effective on whirlipede (4x resistance to fighting ftw) so after a couple of iron defences and screeches i forced her to use another hyper potion then finally finished it off with a final poison tail. yeesh


    Photon (Vivillion) Bug/Flying LV 30
    Stun Spore
    Draning Kiss
    Struggle Bug

    Fluttershy (butterfree) LV 28 Bug/Flying
    Sleep Powder
    Silver Wind
    Aerial Ace

    Rocky (Dwebble) LV 30 Bug/Rock
    Rock Slide
    Bug Bite
    Nature Power

    Paulie (Whirlipede) LV 29 Bug/Poison
    Poison Tail
    Bug Bite
    Iron Defense

    Dikcpinch (Pinsir) LV 27 Bug
    Brick Break
    Vital Throw