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    Alright, well, here's something I wrote this morning during first period.
    I dunno what brought it on, and why it sucks so much, but here it is.

    When the world comes to an end,
    who will you call your closest friend?

    When the stars glow black at night,
    who will make you feel alright?

    When the sun sets for an eternal sleep,
    who's breaking heart will you keep?

    When the dust settles and is flown away,
    how will you live through another day?

    Your wonderous world,
    your shining star,
    leaving forever,
    an eternal scar...

    All taken for granted,
    carelessly ignored each new day,
    and each ripped, torn away,
    not a moment too soon...

    Learn to love,
    learn to cherish,
    and some day soon maybe,
    the moon shall fall,
    and the sun shall awaken
    My Poetry Thread...Should you get bored XD

    Thanks to Kyosuke for the awesome banners. They're amazing ^.^

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