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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post

    Pokémon Sienna, Beta 1 Official Release

    A helpful tip:
    This is a spoiler, so the solution will be seen in spoiler tags only. Well, Steven's letter is an invisible item and is incredibly hard to find. It is in the Devon Corporation builiding. If you're finding it hard to find, here's a spoiler to reveal exactly where.

    I figured the letter was in there somewhere. I just kept walking hitting my A button everywhere and I couldn't find it. I left and searched for over an hour and checked back here to see if anyone would have said anything. I didn't look at the spoiler but your tip helped me alot :S
    and are you going to change the shadow under you when jumping over a wooden fence? It looks weird blue

    So far it's pretty fun too good job. I've been looking around for a different pokemon game that I'd probably have fun playing. But I really didn't feel like it since they weren't from nintendo and official but decided to try yours.

    Edit: Offtopic but Sarcastic Prince RuneScape is probably the best MMORPG to play right now. Just because you probably havn't got far on it and quit once you leveled up once doesn't mean it sucks. It's fun
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