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    Ok so today was the official release for Next Destinies here in Honolulu, Hawaii. There were around 13 players there and 7 in the masters. I know this isn't super competitive but I figured I would go ahead and post it anyways since this thread does not recieve a lot of love.

    First off, only one person pulled a Mewtwo Ex. Talk about an $80 card sitting right in front of your face (this person also pulled the Gardevior line). Grrr, I was so mad lol. I ended pulling a Regigigas Ex so I couldn't complain. The main cards that I did pull before the tournament were The Regigigas Ex, Zekrom plain, Weavile reverse, Zebsrtika plain, Cinccino reverse, Prism energy, Pokemon Center stadium, Skyarrow Bridge stadium, and two Heavy balls (lol).

    Now as everone knows how hard it is to make a competitive 40 card deck out of 60 random cards (including the energies they provide). My deck consisted of:

    x1 Regigigas Ex (Donk)
    x1 Zekrom (Donk)

    x2 Shinx
    x1 Luxio (Wild Charge)
    x2 Pikachu (Never used)
    x1 Raichu

    x1 Lapras (Call for Family)
    x2 Basculin (Bared fangs)
    x1 Cubchoo (Never used)
    x1 Frillish (Never used)

    x2 Sneasel (Both used for colorless attacks)
    x1 Weavile

    x2 Jigglypuff (Good starter for staller)


    x1 Skyarrow Bridge
    x1 Pokemon Center
    x2 Heavy ball


    x11 Electric
    x6 Water
    x1 Prism

    So first round I pulled a Zekrom and Regigigas first hand and destroyed three of his pokemon until he finally knocked out my Zekrom. Then Regigigas took the last prize.

    Second round I pulled the Zekrom first hand and had Regigigas on the bench by turn 4. I basically swept him 4 prizes to none.

    3rd and final round I face the guy that pulled two Zapdos and one Articuno. I didn't manage to get my zekrom out until turn 4 and heavy ball couldn't reveal my Regigigas because it was prized. Meh, couldn't do anything much for this round.

    I placed third seeing how only two of us were 2-1 and one was 3-0. It was fun and simple. Nobody had to worry about strategy and was basically a free for all, which was really the fun part lol. Any who, everyone got two packs for finishing. I manged to pull a reverse holo Zekrom and a lovely Shaymin Ex! I know a Zekrom Ex, Reshiram Ex, Regigigas FA Ex, Mewtwo Ex and Shaymin FA Ex were all the Ex's that were pulled. I can't wait until the release of Next Destinies Wednsday! I am banking on buying a booster box or just a tin. Let me know what I should do lol. Well I hope everyone's prerelease was full of Ex's and can't wait until Wednsday! :D