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    Originally Posted by Gizmo-Dude17 View Post
    Honestly, there is just no need for a remake. Sure, fans will be able to replay the fun game, but there is almost no need for it. FR/LG and HG/SS were made, due to the fact, that the pokemon were unobtainable (because of the systems). However, pokemon from S/R/E do not fit this topic, pokemon from this game can be tranferred by pal park. Also, many new pokemon games now even have routes to find these pokemon from the Hoenn region.

    The only thing left is the story, or... they can continue it off in Hoenn, were Team Flare try to make a comeback. But, that could answer that train station in the kalos region. For example; fans can buy a sort of value pack with the game, to go to Hoenn (via nintendo Eshop). It just seems likely, but... unlikely. My point is, there is just simply no point/ need for a remake, I myself am a fan, but still.
    You do know that every Johto Pokémon was available in some form in Generation 4 (if not 3) if you combine the ones available in DPP and the transferable ones from 3...really if we're going by Pokémon available only Kanto deserved remakes...

    Also Gf already said there'll be no DLC in these that means no "value pack".

    @ Poog- post league badges? Are you referring to the frontier symbols? I do want to experience the RSE frontier again, it's the funnest battle facility yet imo. I would also love to see Sinnoh as it's one of my favorite regions. Also it'll cover the Sinnoh starters if they are to give us one, which, if they also give us the Johto ones after filling up the Hoenn dex like in Emerald would leave out the Unova starters...which could be given out in a potential Z. Or replace the Johto starters with Unova and give Z or XY sequels the Johto ones.
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