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    Originally Posted by Guy View Post
    So, anyone else thinking the use of Bridgette from Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire is another hint at potential remakes? Other than it making logical sense to use her character as the controller for PokéBank. I mean, they could have always just created an entirely new NPC or host instead of using someone from the past. Also, fun fact for those who aren't aware, Bridgette is Lanette's sister.
    I saw the news of this on Serebii last night. Or early this morning. I dunno. Hard to keep track of time when you're sleep deprived.
    Anywho, I was excited by this, because with Bridgett returning to man the Pokebank boxes, as she did with the boxes in R/S means that it can't be a mere coincidence

    fingers grossed that GameFreak will allow us to more easily trade from the GC games to the 3DS with this R/S remake.
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