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Awww, that's adorable~! Welcome to PC. :D Glad you two decided to become members here!

If you guys are wanting to discuss B/W2, you'd be best off checking out the Fifth Generation Gaming board! Since the merge of our Black & White and Black 2 & White 2 sections happened quite recently, it's been pretty active. n~n You can use the Quick Questions thread at the top to ask for help in the games, if you're in need of that, too. The regulars will be jumping to help out really quickly! How long has it been since you guys played Pokemon, by the way? As in, how many generations did you miss? Might be worthwhile to try the previous games too; they were all wonderful.

And if trades are of interest, then here is our Trade Corner for you to post in sometime. I've been breeding a lot in my Black 2 though my full team still isn't made yet. Gotta get those perfect natures and IVs, then move onto EVing! There's so much to do in B/W2 that it's just the best main series Pokemon game ever (or so I think). Have you guys tried the Pokemon World Tournament yet? It's so fun... though I've yet to beat the first stage with the Unova-only gym leaders.

Anyways, have a great time, you guys! You can message me if you ened any help!

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