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I've been meaning to make an appreciation list for a long tiiiime, but here we go:

Sheep & Adventure: You two are amazing! Thanks for being there for me, and thanks for all your support! Sheep you're always been very kind, and Rika, you're always very fun. Without you two, I dunno what my life at this point would have been, but I'm glad that they both of you are here. Once more, I hope we can be besties for years to come.

Magilou & LunarAxel: A set of best friends who I'd also call my second family; you girls are seriously the best! Honestly, there's never a dull moment spending time with you two, and I really enjoy my time together with you both. I really adore and love the both of you, and I hope many great fortunes come your way, because you both deserve it.

LadyJirachu: I really applaud your enthusiasm, and your passion! Korrina is really cute, and I'm really happy that she makes you happy! Remember to always love yourself too; and surround yourself with people who admire you for all you love and for who you are. I myself am one of those people, and I'm happy to be friends with you.

Ursula: Your enthusiasm for the forums is second to none and I'm really in admiration for all the work you do for the forums, and for social media. Honestly, I think the forums thrives on yours support, and I really look forward to all the things you will continue to do. I'm not sure if I properly thanked you, but thanks for your work for Rocket Takeover too! That support has been infectious, and really made me into it! Please do keep up the great work!

VisionofMilotic: I really think you're such an amazing person; you're so warm, compassionate, empathetic, smart, and very kind, all in one gentle, elegant Milotic. If anything, I think I can learn from your example a lot! I also really want to say, I appreciate your presence here, and for sometime now, I've been admiring you a lot. I really hope I can get to know you a bit better soon too, because I think we have quite a few things in common! I can go on about how great you are, but I'd be here all day and night. Just in short, I'm really happy you're a part of this community, and as a good friend. <33

Fairy: You're a delight to have around this community! I'm really thankful for the encouraging words you've given me. You're sweet; like, increeeedibly nice. One of the nicest people here in PC, in my opinion. I'm currently trying to improve my drawings so that one day I can show them on the art board and say, "Jo inspired me!" Because you really do! Anyway, I hope that you'll continue to spread joy within PC, because I think there's no limit to the amount of joy you can produce.

Nick Wilde: I hope you've had a good birthday. <3 We should chat more; I think you're a really fun person to be around!

Nah: Thank you for your continued support! Also hooray for Halloween Mia, wah

bobandbill: You're doing great work as always! I'm always a fan of you -- smart, nice, funny, and your overall commitments stand out. :]

Ho-oh: Your constant enthusiasm is an inspiration to me! I really hope I can help you out someday; though I'm never really worried about you as you always have a great idea right around the corner!

colours: We've both been our biggest critics before, but at the end of the day, I'm glad that you're around in my life; you're an amazing friend with a great personality. If there's anything on your mind or if you ever feel down, you're than welcome to chat with me anytime. I'm always on your side, and I'm always here for you.

Cherrim: I really hope we meet again! You've been very nice when we've met, and I've had loads of fun! On staff I've always looked up to you a lot; nice, smart, caring, and always a delight to chat with! Maybe I'll take you out for some Korean BBQ and Takoyaki. c:

--more coming soon!---

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