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    Originally Posted by Sammuthegreat View Post
    As with the guy before me, apologies if this has been suggested already. But how about this idea: a challenge where you can only use Pokemon with BST of over, say, 520 or 530, but you can only use HM moves (obviously the rule doesn't apply until you get Cut).

    Alternatively, for a bit more difficulty, you can only use Pokemon with BST of 500+, but you can only use moves with a power of 50 or less (and no Technician)?

    Last but not least, for the most difficult variant, how about you can use any Pokemon (including those with less than 500 BST) but only moves with 50 power or less?

    It could be called the "Arms Tied Behind Your Back" Challenge or something like that... Also, for added extra difficulty, you could tie in the rule that you can't use any STAB moves onto any of those variants.
    I don't know if anyone else is interested in doing this sort of Challenge, but if you are then please feel free to start the thread yourself. I only suggested the idea because I thought it'd be a good Challenge, I don't actually want to do it myself, so I don't think I'd be allowed to run the thread...
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