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    " I fight for those that need me. Not for the thrill of the battle. "

    Name: Shizuka "Shou" Ryouga
    Age: 16
    Gender: M
    Personality: Shou, as he likes to call himself was born with a girl's name. This has somehow spawned a very innate reaction to those that attempt to call him by such. Immediately before they can he often shouts out to them that his name is Shou and not Shizuka. It can be quite terrifying considering that he often can tell their about to say it before they end up saying it. Besides this Shou can be quite the adventurous young lad, his knack for getting into trouble is one of the many reasons his mother worried about so fervently.

    He, as of late has begun to show an increasingly growing compassion towards others. Its to the point that he often interferes during jokes in school and more than he'd like to admit, is scolded by the kids when they reveal that they were only joking. In return he'd usually formerly apologize and back away. Though these traits have severely lessened his chances at being popular it has given him amazingly loyal friends. They would stand up and fight with him and he would like-wise with them. Among them they tend to look to him for leadership, something that he often says he "wings". He acts with his guts and heart, relying on them to guide him through the harsh world. Overall he is naive, stubborn, kind, and somewhat charismatic. But he's still a kid none the less.

    History: Shizuka or Shou, is the fifth child of his family, with two older brothers, an elder sister, and a young sister he is often the medium between the opposing sides. His mother was Japanese while his father was Greek, an odd combination right ? But he mostly came out looking like his mother. His family had always been pretty popular even when he had entered high school for the first time, it was obvious that his sister was pretty popular. In retrospect he probably owed her an apology for having her step in the way of bullies whenever he got out hand with his meddling. Anyway, his father was a powerful government ambassador but he somehow made enough time to parent them and his mother worked at a local florist shop, so she often left him, his elder sister, and younger sister at home.

    It wasn't until his sixteenth birthday had his life taken a weird turn. Before his birthday party, Shou had decided to go get his friends from their houses. But on the way their a mysterious kid had stepped in the way, his maroon-colored hair was a bit spiky and he had goggles on his head. He didn't speak much besides telling him " Yea, you have the right stuff kid. " After that he had given him a weird toy and told him to keep it. Against his better judgement he had. His party went off without a hitch and his life continued as if everything was normal. Still, Shou couldn't shake the creepy feeling that something wasn't right about that kid from earlier.

    Digimon: Sol (Coronamon)
    Level: 11
    Appearance: Sol wears a black headband on his upper arm and he wears black goggles.
    Personality: Sol is an aggressive digimon that is often the first to attack. He refuses to take orders from anyone that he considers weaker than himself, so its been pretty hard to find a tamer for him. He attacks enemy digimon with a ruthlessness that's said to burn from his inner flame and enthusiasm. Even his friends call him a digi-hazard to himself (albeit jokingly) When it comes to his friends however Sol is easily capable of inspiring them and is very protective over them. He won't even allow his own friends to bag on each other too hard.
    Already Obtained: NEIN

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