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    James Hendricks
    Road To Ignea

    James managed his way back onto his feet, but could still feel the pain in his leg. There was no time to complain, as James saw a small herd of Zebstrikas advancing towards the bus, with tribal paint-clad Pokemon riding on them. James grabbed one of his Pokeballs and threw it out, revealing his Steelix. Steelix stared down a small group of riders rushing towards him.

    "Steelix, lets go with a Sand Tomb," James directed Steelix, while pointing at the Zebstrikas. Steelix took off towards the Zebstrikas, kicking up a large amount of sand and gravel. Steelix circled the group three times, trapping the Zebstrikas in a whirling funnel of sand and gravel, trapping the Zebstrikas inside.

    "Now bring a Rock Tomb down on them," James barked out.

    Steelix motioned up, and a collection of large rocks formed up above the pack of riders, still stuck in the Sand Tomb. Steelix then brought the rocks down on them, hitting most of the riders, but two managed to escape, and attempted to circle around to flank Steelix. James grabbed another one of his Pokeballs, and let his Scizor out of it.

    "Scizor, get after those two with a couple Bullet Punches," James said, waving his pointed finger over at the two fleeing riders. Scizor bolted after the fleeing riders, and readied his claw. Scizor made his first swing, connecting with a Breloom riding one of the Zebstrikas, knocking the Breloom off.

    After a slight stumble, Scizor reloaded and chased after the second rider, a Raichu. Scizor drew closer to the Raichu, and prepared to land another punch. Scizor came up behind the Raichu from the right, and swung, but this time failing to connect as the Raichu swerved to the left at the last second. Scizor pulled back after missing, and returned closer to James. With both Steelix and Scizor ready to keep fighting, James darted his eyes from the battered group of riders in front of him to the Raichu that got away, and back to the main herd. This wasn't over yet, he thought to himself.

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