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Throughout the canyon trainers dispersed commands to their pokemon in an attempt to quell the ongoing attacks from the mysterious group of enemies. Pupitar, front-and-center, continued it's onslaught with the large chunk of rocks it was able to pull from the ground. Although striking many of the riders, the party began to grow and adapt to the straight forward assault Toru had commanded. Watching their movements carefully, he stood firmly analyzing his next move.

This is no good.

"Let's tighten things up!" he beckoned. "Let's fall back and use earthquake!" Toru and his partner began a small retreat. Sliding backwards towards his trainer, the pokemon created a large fissure sending cracks and vibrations through the ground. A handful of the mounts had collapsed while two of the more aggressive creatures split off into two paths in an attempt to flank the trainer. A lightning bolt from one of them snuck it's way past the rock type. "Muk!" Toru groaned. The strike of electricity grazed the outside of Toru's right forearm, shredding through his jacket and leaving a saber-like wound behind. A pulse of heat shot down into his hand rendering it temporarily numb.

I don't think I'm quite ready to die here...

Gasping with each breath and releasing his right arm, Toru unhitched a pokeball from his belt letting it drop to the ground. He withdrew focus from the attacker that had managed to cause him injury and turned his back. "One more rock slide, Pupitar!" now in front of him, a barrage of boulders toppled upon the enemy leaving it motionless. Enraged, the remaining enemy barreled forward at an increasing momentum. "Sucker Punch, Banette." Toru muttered. He kicked the grounded pokeball with the heel of his shoe just enough to activate the device. The newly revealed doll pokemon struck through the Zebstrika's legs catching the pair off guard. Slamming into the ground, the rider wasn't quite finished yet.

"Finish it with Shadow..." before he could finish his order, the sky above them changed. Toru turned to notice one of the fellow trainers Pokemon launch an electric attack into the sky. Conflicting with the already present flow of discharge that had been looming above, blackened strikes of lightning began to make their way through the canyon and towards a large group of the enemies. The pokemon Toru knocked down took it's chance and began to run towards the mountains with the majority of it's allies, however, some of them had decided to stay around. "Hold tight, guys." he murmured to his two pokemon still on the field.

Did he attack the field directly? ...doesn't seem like it matters, I guess. I need to wrap my arm up quick so the fewer the better.

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