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    The tribals numbers began dwindling still as they charge. As the trainers brace for the next impact and for an offense; something in the distance is seen, a gush of wind as if a small tornado was ripping through the valley as the tribals are sent flying sky high. The gush of wind rushes towards the trainers and halts as the remaining kinetic energy brushes past the defending group as a gentle breeze.

    As the tribal begin falling, a blue aura surrounds them as they begin to levitate before they hit the ground. The tribals who attempted to use range attacks only have their abilities reverse and hit them instead. Among the sudden confusion, a loud tapping is heard, as if a cane was striking the ground, from around the bend, an old and wrinkled Slowbro was walking towards the trainers with a Lucario and Machoke in tow wearing poncho's with the symbol of an odd looking
    imprinted on the front. The Slowbro looked at the trainers and chuckled "It looks like we have several survivors... I do apologize for my rudeness; I thought that this pathway was clear into Ignea... I didn't think another tribe would invade so deep into our territory." It peers behind the trainers and notices the blocked tunnel entrance. "... ▼▲♫, your men have their work cut out for them. We'll need a group out here to clear the debris.... Anyone still alive, gather your pokemon. We'll be your escorts towards the next bus station, It's a short walk. Anyone needing assistance, Don't hesitate to speak out."

    Jospeh stared on in awe as the Slowbro offered to escort them into Ignea. "You can talk?!" The old pokemon grins. "All pokemon can talk child. you just haven't learned to listen... Come along now." The Slowbro raises his wodden walking stick and with a tap to the ground, the attacking tribals are flung into a large living ball of pokemon above him. "I can't hold them for long and I have to escort them back to their territory." He starts walking away slowly as the fighting types approach and look among the ttrainers to see if any of them need help.

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