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Emmanuel "Manny" Chapman
Emmanuel watched as the Zebstrika directly ahead of his rolling Lickilicky sped out from the herd, juking to the sides. The Pokémon charging from behind were taken by surprise, and as their mounts began churning their legs with even greater urgency, hoping to evade the impending ball of pink doom, they realized it was too late. Lady made contact, sweeping out the legs of two Zebstrika along the formation’s outer edge. They fell like bricks, a chorus of neighs filling the air as chaos erupted in the section Lady had thrown herself into.

Still curled, she dashed out from their ranks, bolts of lightning scorching the ground around her. A few managed to land, and Lady slowed her pace before coming to a complete stop. Standing with a grimace, the stinging sensation still coursing through on her body, she took in her new surroundings. It was clear, to both her and trainer, that she was in quite the precarious situation.

Not taking kindly to the round Pokémon’s little stunt of charging into their ranks, a few of the tribal Pokémon had split off from the group and were about to encircle Lady. A boulder soared down into their path as they approached, momentarily scattering them again. Time was precious, Lady knew that, and she would use this opportunity to escape. She sprang up with her legs and curled. Only, she did neither of those things, in fact, she had done nothing. Despite tensing every muscle in her body, urging, practically begging her legs to move, Lady was locked in place. In the corner of her eye, she saw the trickle of electricity holding her in place.

“♥♥♥♥…” Emmanuel, having already stood up, began to run. Juice tossed one final boulder in Lady’s aide and then took off after his trainer. What possessed Emmanuel to do this wasn’t adrenaline or anything like that. His heart wasn’t beating against his chest and his mind was not racing. It started with his arms, a chilling sensation wrapping around them, then his legs, and soon after his entire body felt cold. His mind was blank, just the sight of Lady and the encircling pack of Pokémon flickering in and out of his head. If he were asked to describe this feeling in one word, he might’ve said resignation.

Emmanuel was desperate, woefully so, why else would a man take off running towards his own death? In such states, it was said the mind often played tricks on people, and Emmanuel thought this was one such trick. He attributed the blueish hues outlining the Zebstrika and their riders as a side effect of stress or whatever he was experiencing. His eyes followed the now airborne Pokémon as they were yanked back towards the main group, each and every one of them flung into a huge ball of mass floating in the sky. Jaw slacked, Emmanuel gawked in disbelief. At least, he did, until he felt some three hundred pounds of mass slam into him from the side. He would’ve fallen quite harshly, if not for Juice catching him.

The trainer turned his eyes and saw Lady glaring at him. Feeling the blood flowing through his veins again, Emmanuel managed an apologetic smile. “Hey,” he said. “You look good.”

Lady took another step closer, and Emmanuel knew to brace himself. Grabbing onto the collar of his shirt, Lady lifted her trainer up above her head and began to shake him violently, a menacing look in her eyes.

He wasn’t smiling now, but Emmanuel had never been more relieved in his life. In the midst of Lady’s throttling, he took in what remained of his surroundings. The small group of trainers remaining surprised him. He wondered how many were lost in that initial business with the bus, but that thought was quickly replaced by the sight of something, something so odd, if it weren’t for Lady’s constant thrashing, he might’ve thought it a dream. Three distinct Pokémon were among the remaining group of trainers, and they clearly were not captives, but wild. Looking carefully, Emmanuel realized the one in the middle, a Slowbro, different from those he had seen before, cane in hand, large mass of Pokémon floating above, was not only his but their savior.
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