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The Machoke began to lead the way as Toru trailed closely behind. What remained of the trainers began to group up behind the group of pokemon and conversation came to follow. One of the trainers began to question the Slowbro's motives as the pokemon replied quickly with a somewhat harsh rebuttal and made what seemed to be remarks to the storm still rustling above the group. Toru couldn't help but notice that the Lucario had strapped a fainted trainer to it's back using some form of bondage. His eyes shifted towards the ground and kept walking with the group.

Remember to pace yourself in the future. You were nearly in the same boat as that guy...

Continuing onward various bouts dispersed between some of the group members and the talking Slowbro. One of the girls Toru had noticed on the train began to interject. ""Hey, instead of spouting nonsense, why don't you come here and tell us about yourself more?...." "I guess I'll start. I'm Reanne, from Unova." she spouted. A few of the trainers joined in on the newly founded conversation but the only reply that seemed to hold Toru's attention was when the elder decided to chime in. ""You may call me Tex." it stated calmly. Unsure of whether or not to join in, Toru pondered everything that had happened and what would be coming next. "Tor-" he paused as his vision shifted back towards the ground. "I'm Toru... from Johto." he finished quickly. The group had finally reached an opening, and what would seem to be where they were being lead.

A rather large bus station stood to the right. It had a few extra signs that seemed to be indicating that it had other accommodations inside. The leader spoke once again, "Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Ignea. If you redeem your bus passes at the bus station and explained what happened; I'm sure they'll radio another form of transport to get you to Lux Bravio. If you need shelter from the elements, Head to Fools Garden and speak with a mutual friend of ours in the south or find our tribe to the north. Good hunting young trainers." After dropping off the unconscious trainers, the talking pokemon departed and left the trainers to take care of what needed to be done.

It's hard to believe these places are all the way out here. It all still feels so barren... but a Pokecenter is exactly what's needed right now

Toru let out a deep breath and decided to drop his team off at the Pokemon Center before making his way into the Pokemart. The bell chimed as he stepped foot into the store and took a quick glance across the shelves that lined it. It was a bit old fashioned, even compared to the ones back home in Ecruteak. Toru took a few minutes to skim through some older magazines that were lined up in a nearby rack before grabbing his purchases and making his way to the counter. "That'll be 1,200 pokedollars, please!" the clerk stated in an overtly friendly manner. Toru pulled out a small wallet and took a moment to count his money before forking over the cash. "Safe travels!" the clerk bid farewell with a grin on his face. Back at the Pokemon Center, Toru found a seat across from one of the trainers that had made the trek with him. An old television was playing what seemed to be the local news. Toru ignored it for the most part and decided to dig into his bag and write in his journal while he waited for his team to be ready.

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