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    "F-Fair enough... I'm just not accustomed to the idea of... Pokemon having their own tribes and having one capable of delivering human speech..."

    "So what I want, is every of you strangers and the like to introduce yourselves. Even if it means someday we're to part, whether it's today or tomorrow, we can still recall this 'weird contest' along with those who partook in it."
    "I doubt we're all gonna be on friendly terms for long, seeing that this is some sort of 'contest' where one might lose or win. Perhaps we'll be pitted against each other soon, but having knowledge of each other isn't necessarily a bad thing."

    "Anyway the name's Nathaniel. It would be all right to call me Nathan if you want a shorter alternative. I originate from Hoenn, the region that is mostly surrounded by seas. Yet I'm not so interested in the oceans as much as others from that region would be."
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