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    hey! diego, once again great hack... but i've found some issue...
    1. i've defeated clair & completed the dragon den, received the badge... Prof. Elm called said he had something special to give... but went back to prof.elm & talked to him, he said his normal lines & acted as if he didnt even call... shouldnt he give you a masterball or something like that... or am i wrong here?
    2. there's a little glitch with the day in the pokegear... i.e. instead of showing which day it is, it shows a different something 'ü' like symbol... is it only in my case or someone else has a same glitch?
    thats it...
    BTW this hack really gives you a nostalgic feeling & loved the day night system especially how the colour pallete changes even in battle... i see you've made johto dex as well & even the respective areas for the pokemons in the pokedex... are you the first person to do this? its simply awesome & cool...
    Anyways, keep up the good work... we are all here to cheer you up all the time. i hope i dont bore you with a long posts all the time.
    Best Regards!
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