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    Originally Posted by kaynne18 View Post
    whats after poseidon's cave? after catchng kyogre? im stucked :O

    umm i went to Blitz's gym and tarea said its the final gym of the region but it turns out that ive only got 6 and blitz's gym is 7th, did i miss out on something? what is it?
    Don't worry about that. Since I've had to change the badge order so Larvesta will listen to the player, things are abit mixed up. If you've defeated all 8 gym leaders in the hack, you've beat'em all despite the badges not showing it.

    Originally Posted by Karpi View Post
    I think I may have done something horribly wrong :(

    I got to the end of Chaos Path but I can't get into the forest because there are trees blocking the way that it won't let me use Cut on!

    Did I miss a badge or something? Help!

    Unrelatedly, I took an Escavalier as one of my main pokemon just for fun and HAVE NOT regretted that at all! Turns out it's actually really useful!
    Like the above qoute, the badge order is mixed up but you're fine, don't worry. I've just added an update that removes the cut trees so you can now enter the forest. Download the updated rom now from the main post, go back into the Pokemon center nearby, and exit out of it. Once you exit out and walk back to the entrance of the forest, the trees will be removed.

    Originally Posted by 4thGenAce:D View Post
    That's the great part of the game.. Grinding.. How great you feel all the fulfillment seeing all your hard work pay off. Believe me, if you think you're having a hard time grinding.. I have my whole team at level 100.. All are completely EV trained (One member of my team is a Legendary, Kyorgre, who needs tons of EXP)..

    I restarted the game thrice, playing each starter.. And for me, Gible IS the best starter in the game.. Okayy.. Leave STAB alone.. Go for more varieties of moves.. Garchomp learns tons of sweet moves.. He can learn Iron Head, Stone Edge, Swords Dance.. and other great moves through TM's..

    And there is no 4th Gen split.. So it would be 3rd Gen split.. Yeah, all Dragon-type moves in 3rd gen games are special..

    Scripted dialogues of a main character not nice for you? Geee. That's strange. You are not a fan of Final Fantasy, are you?

    What Gyms have you beaten already?

    The Giovanni battle is optional anyways.. so if you find it frustrating, leave him be. Easy.

    Enemies too hard for you? Think harder strategically..

    The difficulty is one of the best factors why Dark Rising almost made it through the nominations of HotY. IMO, it's great to keep you hooked into the game.. I don't like breezing through a whole game (especially official ones) with a little overpowered untrained (EV) starter.. too easy.


    Please, don't.. You will surely regret that. Pseudo-Legendaries even have a hard time winning a important battles.

    Maybe you forgot one gym to challenge.. Perhaps.. Blitz's?

    But, I do remember the same situation to me before.. I think that is a bug.
    Thanks for handling the thread for me 4thGenAce ^.^

    But hey everyone. I've been working on DR2 & making average amount of progress. I'm still working on the sprites and Pokemon. Both are coming out really good and the hack will surely feel like a sequel & a new hack at the same time. You'll see similarities but also see newer things and improvements. Nightkymz has been working on the super updated hack and it's coming along very nice. I'll post an update of screenies sometime tomorrow or Friday. For now, an updated rom has been posted which fixes the movement positions in Atlantic city & removes the trees from Chaos Path. Also, like everyone else, I've seen Pokemon X & Pokemon Y and all I have to say is they look amazing. Personally, I think they rushed a new generation & should have made this announcement next year, but I'm not complaining lol. None of the 6th gen Pokemon will be in DR2, but they will appear in the last DR. I've already seen numerous ppl make sprites for the starters already!
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