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Originally Posted by kinataki View Post
just just look at electric.
this type has only 1 weakness, it's the most overpowered thing in the whole world.
what is the most common type in pokemon?
WATER, and that is weak to electric.
what is the third most common type in pokemon?
FLYING, and guess what, it is weak to electric too

and besides electric types has the best offensive stats and best moves(no, don't tell me you don't think thunder, thunderbolt, zap cannon, volt tackle are the best attacks ever, because you do and you are right)
they are so so so so so so so op. and you know what, they always attack first no matter what.

we must have at least one type to deal with this.

or must cover rock to have immunity against electric but i don't know, just it isnt fair and i hate all the electric pokemons, i want to kill pikachu.
I don't think a new type is needed to put these in place, though. Like, there's a few Pokemon with volt absorb, water types have high sdef - there's Roost, and there's a few water/ground types, too. Plus grass/dragon resists it, sooo. The only thing I can think of is using Rubber but that'd be a weird type. :x

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