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    Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
    Thank you, I didn't exactly mean it "cured" it, I just couldn't find a valid way to explain it. God, it's such a thrill arguing with people on Serebii because anything I or anyone else says they bat it down as not valid information even if we post links. You guys got a clue why they're like this? I know I shouldn't of brough it here but they're making me really confused.
    Rumor says they've been brainwashed to believe and trust what the 'authorities' say no matter what, and not think themselves. Their logic goes as this: ''If the government has not done anything about it, or if it hasn't aired on mainstream news, then it must be a hoax.'' Ignore all data and sources, and even reality itself if it comes to that. Not even common sense sometimes can lift this mind spell.

    It's a follower mentality, like that of sheep. ;)
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