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I really like this storyline. To anyone reading this, it's a long read, but worth it. It could even be a book if you wanted. I won't go into details on why I like it, but there is one issue with it I see. You've got 21 lines of storyline on a wide-screen monitor, so how are you going to tell the player all of this without it taking far too long and getting boring on a 240x160 display?

So now on from the epilogue to the start. This really is like a book! It all sounds quite fast paced compared to the official games, which is good. It's also a believable reason for you to become a Pokémon trainer, something I've been struggling with in my game. And I've said this before, but I really like those sprites.

Like Neo-Dragon, at first I thought they were simply place holders, but after reading through the lower section, I agree with him that it is a very good and unique idea. It'll be a good way to drum up anticipation. The little history lesson on the game is also nice.

As for the screen, brilliant! I wouldn't have thought that a thread could be good with only one screen shot, but this really is!

Really great job with this thread. The layout is perfect, and, although there isn't any info on features or multiple screens, it's still very informative. The CSS you've used is also the best I've seen in a thread before. Good luck!

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