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    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    Cuterline:Seriously, has no one got the whole 'Taoist' thing yet? Hasn't it occurred to anyone that there's only one canon where Taoists control zombies? I thought that was an easy reference... but I guess I was wrong. 40 points to anyone who gets it.

    I'm gonna get this wrong, but is the refference from
    ''Five Venoms vs Wutang''? I really have no clue so I used google XD
    No. Although that is a fairly amusing film to watch, if only for the concept.

    That reminds me, though: Five Deadly Venoms. A truly wonderful film, referenced by everything from Kill Bill to World of Warcraft. I guess I'll have to reference it, too - and not with the Inquisition's Five Ninja.

    You know what? I give up. Just, if anyone gets any references from here on out, post them and I'll tell you if you're right or not. Because, distressingly, you might well be wrong.

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