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    The latest version of Pokémon Snakewood is in total recall after a massive bug was discovered. You may still play it - but do not enter the Abandoned Mines if you value your progress in the game so far. I need to make some serious fixings to certain events before it's safe. For more details, see the main post.

    I have removed the download for the time being. Sorry about the inconvenience. I promise that I shall post a mended edition on Wednesday the 15th of December, or Thursday the 16th at the very latest. You have my permission to nail my head to a park bench if I fail to do this. (Actually, you don't.)

    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    I just got the new patch, I went straight into the gym in pacifilog, fought all the guys but esau is not there and there is this mirror thing in the gym I have no clue what it does,help.
    This is my master puzzle, the hardest so far. Once all the sages have been defeated (they're a reference, by the way) the mirror activates - but that's where the real puzzle begins. I know that a lot of people are going to get very, very stuck here, so I'm going to add a hint in a spoiler box:

    Read Genesis, Chapter 25.

    also, what does a mysteryegg do? does it evolve into hyperegg?
    Mysteryegg is an egg, who evolves into an egg, who evolves into an egg - which can be made to hatch when exposed to certain forms of radiation.

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