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    Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
    That's why I don't like reading a lot of new trainer journey fics, since the author feels as if they must start with meeting the starting Pokemon. Then the fic might head down the path of the slow start, where nothing happens for several chapters as the trainer goes through the standard battling of the first wild Pokemon and all that.

    It's better to skip the generic beginning if it's necessary to do so. Tell the meeting of trainer and Pokemon through back story.
    Yes, but as I said before, you can have the "generic" beginning but also add on to it. Like have the main Trainer(s) not only get their first Pokemon and meet their rivals but also have the evil team of the region featured (such as having them attack the lab or something). Like there's an overall plot to the fic and the beginning featuring the Professor giving the Trainer(s) his/her Pokemon is essential to getting the reader(s) hooked.

    It all depends on how people handle it. Sometimes it can be generic and other times it can be innovated and creative. It's not right to assume that some things are always bad when they can be good.