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I love the Walking Dead! It comes back today, yay! I've seen both seasons, and I preferred season 1 because it was more adventure-y/intense, but season two was great for character building. Also, i kind of knew what was going to happen in season 2, so that may have spoiled it for me a little. Recently, I've read the first 10 issues or something like that of the comic, and I have to say I prefer the show. The show is just so much more in depth and intense, where as the comic is really fast-paced with lesser character development. (I feel)

What I like about it is not so much the zombies, but more how the characters who were just everyday people, react to the apocalypse setting they've been thrown into. They're all really interesting, and it's really sad when a character dies. (unless it's someone I really dislike like
Shane. As evil as it is, I want Carl to die/be out of the picture. His antics are INCREDIBLY annoying, my god! And I'm okay if Lori is gone for a little. She acts like she's always in the right, and she hardly ever is. Grrrr.) Also, is anyone else really excited for Michonne? She seems SUPER COOL!!!
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