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Originally Posted by Omega Zero View Post
well i have an idea don't the items have an offset in the hex editor? well can't you repoint that to a script you want to happen but it would be hard if possible and we don't even know the offsets ._. i don't actually think you need asm :D
In the past few weeks I have been vigorously studying my share of assembly and now I feel I can start to delve back in to this matter of advanced items. I feel I over used the thought of the Teachy TV instead of a more brand new item out look. Lets say we wanted to make a PokeGear or anything like this. With its own GUI and such. This would require extensive ASM. Now lets say we were to want something like say, a multichoice to set some settings. I am fairly sure this would still require ASM, while not directly but with the item loading routine. It would need to be edited somewhat similarly to something straight out of JPan's engine.
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