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Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
So what you're saying is that Rayquaza would show up to stop only Kyogre or Groudon?
That would be really lame. Rayquaza saves the day, and is the star.
There is simply no way of "putting Emerald into RS" and keeping it as its meant to be. The legendaries and their plot was designed with 3 games in mind.
There is a way you can implement Emerald into Ruby and Sapphire though. As already shown by Emerald, they want the story to improve, this could be what the remakes are for: to keep the main basics intact, but to improve on it a bit.

Do you honestly think only one team goes through the trouble of awakening their legendary while the other sits by though? It would make more sense to have both teams involved. Maybe you could go after both to begin with, then for some reason you only bother with keeping up with one of them for the rest of the game, depending on the version you have(so you only see more of your team).

If you think about it, the only problem would be the whole Rayquaza situation, because it would be tough to put it into the picture without letting it hog the spotlight. The way I see it, they should get the big battle scene on and, in it, they could allow Rayquaza to work more on the opposite mascot, to the point where they are both weakened. Your mascot then could come in and mess them up more, haha, only to notice you trying to get involved before it proceeds to finish them off. This would send you into the battle.

Also, why is it that bad to think that hints could be in the games? Yeah, it gets annoying when people start grasping at the most simple/random things, but Game Freak could actually be hiding things for a little extra fun, hinting at possible stuff in the future- like the Dream World being hinted at way back in Gen 3. Coincidence isn't the answer to everything either, haha.
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