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    There's no way the remakes will be 3DS
    Theres nothing to gain from making MORE 3D effects.
    Plus it would make transfering your old pokemon from the advanced series a long tedious process.
    DS games are still being made, theres no reason to make every game exclusivley for the 3ds because the 3D effects will remove a large portion of customers that want new games but are to young to have a 3DS(like a kid is going to leave that slider alone just because the game tells him its bad for him). And having all the regions in one style (more or less) is much more promising in the longrun.
    Also note that there were Dsi only games but Pokemon never touched them.
    They might make the spin offs 3ds but the main games use sprites and 3d makes sprites look horrible.
    Besides, if the remakes were to be made for 3ds then Black and White would have been for the 3ds as well (foollowing the patern, the remakes are the same type as the new Gen before them.)
    I highly doubt that they'll switch to 3ds for the remake of Ruby and Sapphire, if they switch at all. I don't see how the fans of the main games will accept the games looking like the stadium series all of a sudden.

    Moving on to what I'm looking forward too:
    The secret bases will take on new mechanics (probably fusing in the missions from Black and White)
    We'll get back to the old fashioned Pokemon contests (with new twists thanks to the new pokemon and moves)
    The Spinda collecting might return.
    We'll get to see better cutscenes and the triple battles may appear here and there.
    Absol and zangoose will be available for wild capture once again.
    I'll have a reason to play without cheats once again!
    The Pokenav call system might be re implimented.
    The battle frontier will probably look AMAZING in Semi-3d.
    And so will the legendaries.
    Fully animated Magma and Aqua members!
    Can you IMAGINE what the soot fall would look like?
    and finally....
    Returning to my hoenn adventures which I actually enjoyed repeating over and over!

    PM me for info about this project.